Cancer as an Environmental Disease by P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, M. A. Pitsos (auth.), P.

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By P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, M. A. Pitsos (auth.), P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, L. Hens, C. V. Howard, N. Van Larebeke (eds.)

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R: .. =... 2 20 A. NOVOGRADEC and S. HARRIS ALI In addition, particular attention must be focused on the environmental aetiology of childhood cancer because, generally speaking, 'children are highly vulnerable to environmental toxicants' (Suk, 2002: A284). Citing work by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS, 1993), Suk (2002: A284) points out that this enhanced childhood susceptibility is related to four factors. First, because of metabolic differences, 'children have greater exposures to environmental toxicants than adults'.

Html (Feb. 2003). M. (2002) Disease cluster investigation and GIS: a new paradigm?

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