Separation of Isotopes of Biogenic Elements in Two-phase by B.M. Andreev, E.P. Magomedbekov, A.A. Raitman,, M.B.

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By B.M. Andreev, E.P. Magomedbekov, A.A. Raitman,, M.B. Pozenkevich, Yu.A. Sakharovsky and A.V. Khoroshilov (Auth.)

Content material:

, Page ix

, Pages xi-xii
1 - thought of isotope separation in counter-current columns: Review

, Pages 1-40
2 - Hydrogen isotope separation by means of rectification

, Pages 41-71
3 - Hydrogen isotope separation via chemical isotope alternate approach in gas-liquid systems

, Pages 73-174
4 - Isotope separation in structures with fuel and stable phases

, Pages 175-215
5 - Carbon isotope separation

, Pages 217-245
6 - Nitrogen isotope separation

, Pages 247-274
7 - Oxygen isotope separation

, Pages 275-297
Subject index

, Pages 299-303

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Separation of Isotopes of Biogenic Elements in Two-phase Systems

Content material: Preface, web page ixIntroduction, Pages xi-xii1 - idea of isotope separation in counter-current columns: assessment, Pages 1-402 - Hydrogen isotope separation via rectification, Pages 41-713 - Hydrogen isotope separation by means of chemical isotope trade procedure in gas-liquid platforms, Pages 73-1744 - Isotope separation in platforms with fuel and reliable stages, Pages 175-2155 - Carbon isotope separation, Pages 217-2456 - Nitrogen isotope separation, Pages 247-2747 - Oxygen isotope separation, Pages 275-297Subject index, Pages 299-303

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BMUCTR clone of Dixon rings. c Element surface is defined as the ring and partition surfaces. 1,600 32 1. 2 Sulzer Packing Materials Characteristics Packing type AX Material Stainless steel wire mesh. 85 450 120 30 ~ Stainless steel wire BX CY BX mesh. 16mm in diameter Stainless steel wire mesh. 16mm in diameter Polymeric Mesh aHydraulic diameter d~ = 4/tz- 2t~, where 6 is the wall thickness, mm. 5 Separation Column Contactors 33 a conventional quantity of the gas (vapor) velocity related to the total column cross-section w0 = G/S (where G is the gas or vapour flow, m3s), and average velocity in the packing material Wy, is used.

I. Babkov, N. M. Zavoronkov, Kernenenergie, 1962, 5, 219. 32. A. Fedorenko, I. A. Alekseev V. D. TOKhT, 1997. 33. N. M. Zhavoronkov Hydraulic Fundamentals of Scrubber Process 1944, Goskhimizdat, 223. 34. A. Kaminskii et al. At. , 1971, 30, 48. 35. E. D. Vertuzaev Khim. , 1982, 8, 458. 1 DzO PRODUCTION BY WATER RECTIFICATION Water rectification is the simplest method of heavy water production. This method offers a variety of apparent advantages such as limitless raw material resources and the possibility to carry out the process on the simplest non-depletion principle, absence of corrosion, toxicity, inflammability and explosion hazards, freedom from chemicals, possibility of using natural and waste low-temperature heat sources, and simplicity of utilized apparatus.

92, unit volume mass 700kg/m 3, and d E = 4mm) gave a similar load limit value B = 4,800. 5. 5 Separation Column Contactors 35 Holdup An important characteristic of counter-current columns is the packing liquid holdup AH (holding power, retention), while the gas holdup is generally disregarded. The holdup affects the hydraulic resistance and the target concentration achievement time (see above). The holdup is the liquid amount on the packing bed falling at the packing unit volume, and most commonly expressed in m3/m3.

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