Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book by Susan M. Love, Karen Lindsey, Elizabeth Love

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By Susan M. Love, Karen Lindsey, Elizabeth Love

For a lady confronted with a prognosis of breast melanoma, the knowledge to be had this day is great, asymmetric, and complicated. For greater than twenty years, readers have trusted Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book to steer them via this scary thicket of analysis and opinion to discover the absolute best recommendations for his or her specific occasions. This 6th variation explains fascinating advances in unique remedies, hormonal remedies, more secure chemotherapy, and immunologic techniques in addition to new different types of surgical procedure and radiation. there's vast tips for the expanding variety of ladies dwelling for years with metastatic breast melanoma. With Dr. Love's hot help, readers can type the proof from the fads, ask the suitable questions, and realize while a moment opinion will be wise.

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Reproduction is their most dramatic task, but it isn’t the only one. These organs have as much to do with the maintenance of the woman’s own life as they do with her role in bringing other lives into the world. A former medical colleague of mine, Bill Parker, confirmed the important role of the ovary postmenopausally when he demonstrated that women who had their ovaries removed preventatively during hysterectomy had an overall increase in mortality compared to women who kept their ovaries. 7 The menopausal ovary is neither failing nor useless; it’s simply beginning to shift from a reproductive function to a maintenance one.

A five-foot-tall woman with a C cup is very large-breasted; a five-foot-eight woman with a C cup may not feel especially uncomfortable with her size. A five-foot-eight woman with a DD cup is likely to be very uncomfortable. Large breasts have been a problem for a number of my patients. ” Another, at seventy-one, still “hunches over” when she walks to avoid having her breasts stared at. Huge breasts can be especially distressful to a teenage girl. She faces ridicule from her schoolmates, and—unlike the small-breasted girl—extreme physical discomfort as well.

If we could understand how to keep cells dormant or put them back to sleep, metastatic disease could well become chronic rather than acute. This is certainly an important goal. I truly believe we can be the generation who ends breast cancer. And we have to do it! We owe it to all of the wonderful women and men who have died of this disease to make sure it ends with us. That is a fight I will not give up! I hope you will join me. PART ONEPART ONE THE HEALTHY BREAST AND COMMON PROBLEMSTHE HEALTHY BREAST AND COMMON PROBLEMS CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 1 The BreastThe Breast IF YOU’RE READING THIS BOOK, it’s probably because you’ve come to think of the breast in terms of breast cancer: either it has the disease, or you’re worried it might develop.

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