DNA Repair Mechanisms by Philip Hanawalt (Eds.)

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By Philip Hanawalt (Eds.)

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Biochim. Biophys. Acta 479, 207. , and Grossman, L. (1976). Biochemistry 15, 2402. Charlesby, A. (1954). Proc. Roy. Soc. A. 224, 120. , Eisinger, J. A. (1974) in "Basic Principles in Nucleic Acid Chemistry" Vol. ) pp. 312-399. DNA Repair Mechanisms PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PH0T0BI0L0GY OF DNA 1 CONTAINING 5-IODOURACIL AND 5-I0D0CYT0SINE R. 0. Rahn, R. S. Stafford, and C. T. 007 for both Poly(C) and DNA containing 5-IoCyt. In DNA, approximately 1 clean chain break and 1 alkali-labile bond were formed for every 10 iodines lost.

P H I L I P C. H A N A W A L T A N D C H A R L E S A L L E N S M I T H FIGURE 1. Schemes for repairing or bypassing dimers. Repair replication is shown by wavy lines as distinguished from normal replication shown by heavy lines. the damage. We should also consider the relative importance of different schemes in terms of their enhancement of survival Using the "classical" pyrimidine dimer as test lesion (Fig 1) we outline the possibilities. The dimer may be reversed in situ by photoreactivation (A) or it may be deleted by excision (Β), both of which processes normally require enzymatic recognition of the defect.

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