DNA Helicases and DNA Motor Proteins by Colin G. Wu, Maria Spies (auth.), Maria Spies (eds.)

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By Colin G. Wu, Maria Spies (auth.), Maria Spies (eds.)

In fresh years, a few groundbreaking structural and mechanistic reports deepened our knowing of helicase mechanisms and validated new ways for his or her analyses. Many primary mechanistic questions starting from the mechanism of strength iteration, mechanochemical coupling to specified mechanisms in which an analogous enzyme translocates on DNA elimination stumbling blocks, unwinds DNA and/or remodels nucleoprotein complexes, despite the fact that, stay to be replied. it really is even much less understood how the helicase automobiles are integrated right into a wide variety of genome upkeep and service machines.

The box has reached a level while the stories of molecular mechanisms and uncomplicated biology of helicases can and will likely be built-in with the reports of improvement, melanoma and durability. the target of this ebook is to supply the 1st systematic review of constitution, functionality and legislation of DNA helicases and comparable molecular automobiles. through integrating the data bought throughout the diversified technical techniques starting from single-molecule biophysics to mobile and molecular organic reports the editors target to supply a unified view on how helicases functionality within the telephone, are regulated in line with diversified mobile stresses and are built-in into huge macromolecular assemblies to shape a fancy and adaptive dwelling system.

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A mutation in superfamily 1 (SF1) helicase Pif1 results in breast cancer predisposition [31]. Mutations in SetX helicase, involved in RNA splicing and termination, cause juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [32] and ataxia-ocular apraxia 2 [33], while mutations in IGHMBP2 (Smubp2), involved in translation [34], result in distal spinal muscular atrophy [35]. The diverse disease abnormalities caused by defective helicases suggest that multiple aspects of DNA and RNA metabolism are affected [18].

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