Distribution of values of holomorphic mappings by B. V. Shabat

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By B. V. Shabat

An enormous literature has grown up round the price distribution thought of meromorphic capabilities, synthesized via Rolf Nevanlinna within the Nineteen Twenties and singled out through Hermann Weyl as one of many maximum mathematical achievements of this century. The multidimensional point, concerning the distribution of inverse pictures of analytic units lower than holomorphic mappings of complicated manifolds, has now not been absolutely handled within the literature. This quantity therefore offers a worthy advent to multivariate worth distribution thought and a survey of a few of its effects, wealthy in family members to either algebraic and differential geometry and without doubt probably the most vital branches of the fashionable geometric concept of services of a posh variable. because the e-book starts off with preparatory fabric from the modern geometric thought of services, just a familiarity with the weather of multidimensional advanced research is important historical past to appreciate the subject. After proving the 2 major theorems of price distribution concept, the writer is going directly to examine extra the speculation of holomorphic curves and to supply generalizations and functions of the most theorems, focusing mainly at the paintings of Soviet mathematicians.

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