Digital Mammography by Etta D. Pisano MD FACR, Martin J. Yaffe PhD, Cherie M.

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By Etta D. Pisano MD FACR, Martin J. Yaffe PhD, Cherie M. Kuzmiak DO

Written by means of well-known leaders in electronic mammography, this quantity is a entire advisor to this new expertise and its optimum scientific use. assurance contains descriptions of present and rising detector applied sciences and designated studies of scientific trials evaluating electronic mammography to screen-film mammography for either screening and prognosis. different chapters research qc techniques, talk about archiving and PACS matters, and preview destiny advancements in laptop aided detection, photograph processing, tomosynthesis, electronic subtraction mammography, and photograph reveal. The publication contains a complete atlas of electronic mammography situations, with applicable work-up photos and pathologic diagnoses for all sorts of lesion.

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Detectors for Digital Mammography 21 FIGURE 3-6. Photo of the detector housing of the GE digital mammography system. stored for each del in the detector. Therefore, the number of such constants is equal to twice the number of dels in the detector. It is typical to remeasure offset values between images; however, the sensitivity matrix generally need only be measured occasionally. Phosphor CCD System This detector also uses a CsI(Tl) phosphor; however, in this case, it is deposited on a coupling plate consisting of millions of optical fibers.

As users become more familiar with digital mammography, they are departing more from exposure techniques that replicate those used with film and imaging with higher kilovoltage and with rhodium rather than molybdenum filtration in Mo target systems. REFERENCES FIGURE 2-17. Spectrum for mammography x-ray source. relatively low energies, for example, 26 kV with a molybdenum target x-ray tube and a molybdenum filter placed in the beam, as in Figure 2-17. In digital mammography, the SDNR is more important than the contrast because contrast can always be increased in the display process.

X-ray characterization of normal and neoplastic breast tissues. Phys Med Biol 1987;32:675–695. 7. Van Metter, J Beutel, Eds. Proc. SPIE 1997;3032: 302–317. 3 DETECTORS FOR DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY MARTIN J. YAFFE JAMES G. MAINPRIZE Along with the image display system, the detector is one of the key elements of a digital mammography system. The role of the detector is to record the information carried by the pattern of x-rays transmitted by the breast. This should be done precisely and efficiently, over the entire range of intensities transmitted by different regions of the breast, without loss of information.

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