Diagnosing and Treating Co-Dependence: A Guide for by Timmen L. Cermak

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By Timmen L. Cermak

A consultant for execs who paintings with chemical dependents, their spouses and youngsters. With such a lot of definitions of co-dependence ,it might be challenging to inform that's so much legitimate. In diagnosing and treating co-dependence, timmen cermak not just provides transparent diagnostic standards that correspond without delay with authorized psychiatric/psychological innovations but additionally describes methods of treating co-dependence that stretch a ways past present methods.

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Page 28 Unlike chemical dependents, however, co-dependents have no biochemical "booster" for their denial system. For them, compulsions serve the same purpose, whether the compulsion is to eat, to work, to rescue others, to watch television, to read, to seek sex, to gamble, to be religious, whatever. Many co-dependents can describe in detail the subjective experience of sliding gradually into the whirlpool of their compulsivity. There is a surge of adrenaline. An intense buildup of emotions specific to the compulsion occurs ("I've got to stop eating"), while more threatening emotions are eclipsed ("I feel empty in this marriage").

Low self-esteem. Most healthy people avoid entering into a relationship with an active co-dependent. As a result, co-dependents are often left with some very poor choices as far as partners are concerned. If one is going to tie one's self-worth to another person's behavior, it would be best to find a high-functioning, successful partner. But high-functioning, successful people are not likely to want to carry the burden a co-dependent expects them to carry. This burden may be disguised as sincere caring, loyalty, or martyrdom, but the healthy person will not be fooled for long.

Rather, the disease passes through the family as a whole. We must build the family aspect directly into our basic definition of the disease because it speaks so directly to the problem of prevention, as well as to treatment. Sad but true, we cannot in our lifetime treat each individual among the millions who already suffer from chemical dependence. Given the proper tools, however, we can go a long way toward ensuring that each succeeding generation suffers progressively less. TIMMEN CERMAK 1986 Page ix INTRODUCTION A NEW LOOK AT NARCISSUS AND ECHO The classic case of co-dependence was first presented by a Greek poet nearly 2,000 years ago.

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