Diagenetic bedding: a model for marl-limestone alternations by Werner Ricken

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By Werner Ricken

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D: Subtraction of the mean primary porosity (no, which results from decompacting the entire histogram) from the original sediment volume. From this, one obtains the amounts of dissolved (-Z, dotted), cemented (Z, starred), relic (R, hatched), and "primary" (P, hatched) carbonate fractions for the two rock columns. i E r --~ _I D i o ~. u_ r -"t. '~~1 65 70 75 8'0 8'5 90 ~Cn i5 % CaCO 3 F i g . 12 C a r b o n a t e m a s s b a l a n c e c a l c u l a t i o n for the Gubbto 2 section (Italy). The histogram represents a whole-rock balance calculation.

G3 . . . . . 87 . . . . . 1546 200 *random spot sample, **event-alternation, a m i n a t i o n of stylolite. 539 200 496 * * * o n l y Mg and Ca, 385 ****ex- 35 Neuffen 2 section behavior (Fig. and limestone 1 section the (Fig. layers which are are example of Tertiary Gubbio Uncemented This section (Fig. foraminiferal on with sandy gypsum clay-marl sequence which HEIMANN, becoming 1975; Trubi 1973; DROOGER, SAITO e t an the - stylolites interesting sediments 1 spans from Cretaceous- of minor Pliocene, of an elements in a called Sicily.

2). 9%. 7 carbonate volume zones of that The mean original cementation of Note in different frame whereas volume. enriched compaction. 7 Important The Mass The dissolution Definitions Balance and cementation c a l c u l a t i o n s do not exactly layers limestone From Method marl and Resulting zones correspond developed as d e t e r m i n e d by mass balance to the w e a t h e r l n g - g e n e r a t e d in the outcrop. S:i+:....... = ......... ---I ,-. Fig. 14 Definitions for describing marl-limestone alternations.

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