Deconstructing Barth: A Study of the Complementary Methods by Isolde Andrews

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By Isolde Andrews

This unique and perceptive research attracts out the relevance of Jacques Derrida's considered deconstruction, différance and the reward for Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics. those are relatively vital for apprehending Barth's doctrine of salvation, that's the actual concentration of this ebook. Derrida's insights also are proven to light up the best way Barth speaks of advanced occasions comparable to revelation which can't be thematised through rational notion. this crucial interpretation of Karl Barth exhibits his affinity with postmodern idea. it will likely be of curiosity to people who are learning the connection among theology and postmodernism, quite the advanced borders among the thematisable and non-thematisable.

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E. l, Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984, pp. 87ff. "Life in time is possible only if there is such a bracket, that is, if there is eternity. Thus in all we do we seek eternity .... [p. 88] .. " 136 Linguistic identification of the God to whom we address our worship and prayers, as he says, is essential for ethical and eschatological reasons. St. Paul declares in Philippians 2: 1-11 that the moral will of God must be proclaimed as a particular will if we are to follow it. Likewise he notes in Romans 1:24-25, that "eschatological promise must be specified", 137 since he saw in the wrong address of praise the perversion of heathendom.

In this chapter, I indicate from Derrida's studies why it is necessary to get away from traditional systematic modes of thought in order to comprehend the radical approach Barth has for the understanding of salvation. Barth's economy of salvation is found to be an economy of differance. First of all, I read deeply into Barth's Prolegomenon 1 to raise the issues involved for the rest of the chapter. 2. Barth's Prolegomenon Where do you start talking about God ? The traditional response was always laid out at the beginning of a dogmatics: one starts speaking of God by explaining the system or criteria by which it is believed that it is possible to talk about God.

He aims to show how the interrelation of the loci he chooses discloses the shape of Barth's theology. 106 His conclusion is that Jesus Christ is the centre disclosed by the motif structure, 103 Justification, op. cit. 12ff. , The Theology of Karl Barth: An Inrroducrion, Westminster Press, 1964. 106 How to Read Karl Barth, op. 23. 42 Philadelphia: " .. as the divine rationality by whom the understanding sought by faith is warranted. uHl? 7. Barth's Understanding of His "System which is not a System" The problem with all these approaches to reading Barth is that they impose a priori models of thought onto Barth's scheme and endeavour to make it fit the constructs which are being employed.

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