Decline and Fall of the Sasanian Empire: The by Parvaneh Pourshariati

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By Parvaneh Pourshariati

As said within the Editorial publication stories, this booklet proposes to rewrite the main points of the background of the Arab conquest of Iran. the writer has taken a really designated examine the entire details to be had for the period, together with lately released coin and seal info. in keeping with this she, identifies lineage, names and intervals of the Kings/Queens, fundamental advisors and generals of the Sassanian empire instantly sooner than and through the Arab conquest.From this she then correlates the timing and management with the Arab documents of the conquest. This ends up in an important swap within the dates of the early battles, which has implications for early Islamic background (which the booklet doesn't address).The e-book is definitely written and intensely good referenced. It presents the 1st transparent examine a formerly very doubtful time in Persian history.I am definite that individuals will argue concerning the good judgment and accuracy of the paintings as there's a great amount of latest conclusions and understandings. To my studying the publication is sensible and total makes a pretty compelling case. I even though am now not a historian.

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Their local power bases set aside, we know that to the dynastic families, by virtue of their birth, also accrued privileges in the empire’s administration. With proper agnatic ties, in other words, came political power. ” The classic articulation of this, depicting the Parthian agnatic families, is found in Simocatta’s narrative which, while formulaic and articulating an idealized rendition of Sasanian sociopolitical structure, nevertheless, encapsulates the realities of the Sasanian–Parthian confederacy.

87 See in this context our discussion of sources on pages 10 and 459, as well as Boyce 1957a. 88 The Achaemenids, for instance, were Pers¯ ıs. 1. 90 The many epic traditions and romances which have a clear Parthian provenance, such as V¯ ıs o R¯am¯ın, Samak-i Ayy¯ar, and others, should warn us against taking this too literally. 91 See also page 171ff below. 92 The wealth of the sources pertaining to Parthian history is in material culture, specifically numismatic evidence. Besides recent archaeological investigations, through which, for instance, the ostraca of Nis¯a (near modern Ashk¯ab¯ad), have been found, there are papyri from the western regions of Iran and Dura Europos (see footnote 2250) as well as Chinese sources.

Consequently, depending on the source, the names of important Iranian historical figures have been metamorphosed through the languages in which they have been carried. As we shall see, the Sh¯ahn¯ama of Ferdows¯ı—apart from some mild use of poetic license—comes closest to the original Pahlavi rendition of these names. The inflation of titles in Sasanian political and administrative culture exacerbates this problem. Particularly in Greek and Arabic sources, the titles of significant personae of Sasanian history are at times confused with their personal names.

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