Controlled Radical Polymerization by Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Eds.)

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By Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Eds.)

content material: basics of controlled/living radical polymerization / Krzysztof Matyjaszewski --
Radical addition to alkenes : a theoretical point of view / Leo Radom, Ming Wah Wong, and Addy Pross --
elements influencing the addition of radicals to alkenes / Anne Ghosez-Giese and Bernd Giese --
Cascade radical reactions in natural synthesis : an outline / Dennis P. Curran --
Selective product formation with organometallic radicals of nickel and zinc / Gerard van Koten, Robert A. Gossage, David M. Grove, and Johann T.B.H. Jastzebski --
Pulsed laser experiments directed towards the specified learn of free-radical polymerizations / Sabine Beuermann and Michael Buback --
Termination expense coefficients from molecular weight distributions / Paul A. Clay, David I. Christie, and Robert G. Gilbert --
The dimension and which means of radical reactivity ratios / Johan P.A. Heuts, Michelle L. Coote, Thomas P. Davis, and Lloyd P.M. Johnston --
Electron spin resonance experiences of radical polymerization / Mikiharu Kamachi --
The sturdy free-radical polymerization procedure : function of extra nitroxide / M.K. Georges, R.P.N. Veregin, and ok. Daimon --
Mechanism and kinetics of nitroxide-controlled free-radical polymerization / Takeshi Fukuda, Atsushi Goto, Kohji Ohno, and Yoshinobu Tsujii --
Styrene polymerization mediated by means of 5-membered cyclic nitroxides / B. Yamada, Y. Miura, Y. Nobukane, and M. Aota --
Nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization : end-group research / Yucheng Zhu, I.Q. Li, B.A. Howell, and D.B. Priddy --
Controlled/living free-radical polymerization of styrene and n-butyl acrylate within the presence of a unique uneven nitroxyl radical / D. Benoit, S. Grimaldi, J.P. Finet, P. Tordo, M. Fontanille, and Y. Gnanou --
Nitroxide-mediated managed radical polymerization : towards regulate of molar mass / Stefan A.F. Bon, Frank A.C. Bergman, J.J.G. Steven van Es, Bert Klumperman, and Anton L. German --
Mechanistic facets of atom move radical polymerization / Krzysztof Matyjaszewski --
Atom move radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate : impression of phenols / D.M. Haddleton, A.J. Shooter, A.M. Heming, M.C. Crossman, D.J. Duncalf, and S.R. Morsley --
dwelling radical polymerization mediated by means of transition metals : contemporary advances / Mitsuo Sawamoto and Masami Kamigaito --
keep an eye on of radical polymerizations by way of metalloradicals / B.B. Wayland, S. Mukerjee, G. Poszmik, D.C. Woska, L. Basickes, A.A. Gridnev, M. Fryd, and S.D. Ittel --
Photochemical polymerizations initiated and mediated by means of soluble organocobalt compounds / Labros D. Arvanitopoulos, Michael P. Greuel, Brian M. King, Anne okay. Shim, and H. James Harwood --
Controlled-growth free-radical polymerization of methacrylate esters : reversible chain move as opposed to reversible termination / Graeme Moad, Albert G. Anderson, Frances Ercole, Charles H.J. Johnson, Julia Krstina, Catherine L. Moad, Ezio Rizzardo, Thomas H. Spurling, and San H. Thang --
Free-radical synthesis of sensible polymers regarding addition-fragmentation reactions / P. Chaumont, D. Colombani, L. Boiteau, J.P. Lamps, M.-O. Zink, C.P.R. Nair, and D. Charmot --
functions of Barton esters in polymer synthesis and amendment through free-radical tactics / W.H. Daly and T.S. Evenson --
the way to make polymer chains of assorted shapes, compositions, and functionalities via atom move radical polymerization / Scott G. Gaynor and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski --
managed radical polymerization equipment for the synthesis of nonionic surfactants for CO2 / D.E. Betts, T. Johnson, D. LeRoux, and J.M. DeSimone --
layout options for branched and hugely branched macromolecular architectures utilizing nitroxide-mediated residing free-radical systems / Craig J. Hawker, Eva E. Malmström, Jean M.J. Fréchet, Marc R. Leduc, R. Bernard Grubbs, and George G. Barclay --
Stereochemical regulate of free-radical polymerization of vinyl monomers / Tamaki Nakano and Yoshio Okamoto.

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