Conscious Love: Insights from Mystical Christianity by Richard Smoley

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By Richard Smoley

Although love is a perennial subject for writers of every kind, a lot of what's written aboutlove is simplistic and unsatisfying. In wakeful Love , Richard Smoley—an specialist at the esoteric traditions of mystical Christianity—incorporates insights and knowledge approximately love from famous thinkers in literature, artwork, philosophy, sociology, cultural feedback, or even neurology. This awesome booklet deals a blueprint for infusing wakeful love into human relationships.

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1 The techniques are not necessarily sophisticated. There is peacocking —wearing a flashy piece of clothing or jewelry to distinguish yourself from the AFCs (average frustrated chumps); attracting a 25 12:07pm 25 Smoley-c02-3 26 Conscious Love woman’s attention with some minor feat of magic or mind reading (ask a woman to think of a number from one to ten; almost always it will be seven, we’re told); even handwriting analysis. The tricks are so transparent that one could doubt whether a woman of even the dimmest intelligence would fall for them.

Is really more important than all other ends in human life, and is therefore quite worthy of the profound seriousness with which every one pursues it. . What is decided by it is nothing less than the composition of the next generation . . ’’23 By this view, the Equation serves the purposes of reproductive advantage. Each of us seeks the fittest possible mate, and satisfied or not, we settle for the best we can find. This is the law of nature, and the law is inexorable. No one can deny that reproductive advantage plays a tremendous role in romance.

You don’t have to do anything; it just happens. Don’t worry about what it feels like, or if it is happening, just do it! .

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