Compendium Of Zeolite Framework Types by Henk van Koningsveld

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By Henk van Koningsveld

This compendium describes all recognized zeolite framework varieties. the 1st half supplies a pictorial description of ways the framework might be outfitted utilizing periodic construction devices (PerBUs). The PerBUs are equipped from smaller devices composed of a constrained variety of T-atoms (such as Si, Al, P, Ga, B, Be etc.) by way of making use of easy operation(s) to the smaller unit, e.g. translation, rotation. The zeolite framework forms are analysed when it comes to those part PerBUs. the second one half covers the bigger cages, cavities and/or channels within the zeolite framework including the framework style codes (FTCs) within which they seem. moreover, appendices are incorporated for easy-referencing. appendices are additional. the 1st giving a survey of cages as style features with their FTCs. the second one summarizing these channels and cavities that seem in additional than one framework type.The Compendium of Zeolite Framework forms comprises complementary info to the knowledge within the "Atlas of Zeolite Framework forms" (Baerlocher et al (2001) Elsevier, London). The latter comprises the topological symmetry, unit phone information and pore dimensions.

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AFX belongs to the ABC-6 family (see Introduction). C b b B A A a a Fig. 1. PerBU (left) and definition of 6-ring positions used in the stacking modes (right). 2. Connection mode Neighboring PerBUs can be connected along c through tilted 4-rings in three different ways (see Introduction). In AFX all three connection modes between the PerBUs are observed. gmel Cavities are formed (see Figure 2 and GME). A B B C c C B B A A acos30 Fig. 2. Connection mode (left) and unit cell content (right) viewed along b.

1. PerBU, constructed from four zigzag chains (left) and from 8-rings (right), viewed along c. 2. Connection mode Neighboring PerBUs, related along a (and b) by a shift of ᎏ21ᎏ (aϩbϩc), are connected along a (and b) through double zigzag chains which form (fused) atn cavities (see Figure 2). c b a c a a Fig. 2. Connection mode (and unit cell content) viewed along c (left) and unit cell content projected along b (or a; top right). For clarity, only two repeat units of the PerBUs are drawn. The inset shows the (fused) atn cavities formed.

For 1 clarity, only 1ᎏ2ᎏ repeat unit along c of each PerBU is drawn. 23 Cage/Channel AFI 3. Channels and/or cages Non-interconnecting 12-ring channels are parallel to c. The channel is depicted in Figure 3. AFI can also be built from [65]-cages as can be seen from Figure 2. ) {1 [612122/2] [001] (12-ring)} c Fig. 3. Channel viewed perpendicular to the channel axis (left) and along the channel axis (right). 24 AFN Building Scheme 1. Periodic Building Unit AFN can be built using T8-units composed of three fused 4-rings (bold in Figure 1).

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