Coffin in Fashion (John Coffin Mystery, Book 19) by Gwendoline Butler

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By Gwendoline Butler

A corpse in his new residence leads detective John Coffin at the path of a murderer... a gloomy, gripping crime novel from the most appraised English secret writers, excellent for fanatics of Agatha Christie. The physique of a youngster boy is located through workmen below the ground of detective John Coffin's condominium – and although it's no longer his case, Coffin retains up with an research that involves centre on his personal neighbours. interested in Rose Hilaire, the sergeant learns that her son used to be a pal of the homicide sufferer and of alternative lacking boys. Rose's problems multiply as she fights to guard her son and her costume manufacturing unit, hard-won after years of poverty. The enterprise is threatened not just by way of scandal yet by means of Rose's clothier, Gaby Glass, who schemes to take off together with her creations.

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