Citizens of Discord: Rome and Its Civil Wars by Brian Breed, Cynthia Damon, Andreola Rossi

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By Brian Breed, Cynthia Damon, Andreola Rossi

Civil wars, greater than different wars, sear themselves into the reminiscence of societies who are suffering them. this is often really real at Rome, the place in a interval of one hundred fifty years the Romans fought 4 epochal wars opposed to themselves. the current quantity brings jointly intriguing new views at the topic by means of a world team of distinctive individuals. the root of the research is huge, encompassing literary texts, documentary texts, and fabric tradition, spanning the Greek and Roman worlds. recognition is dedicated not just to Rome's 4 significant conflicts from the interval among the 80s BC and advert sixty nine, however the body extends to interact conflicts either past and masses later, in addition to post-classical structures of the subject matter of civil conflict at Rome. Divided into 4 sections, the 1st ("Beginnings, Endings") addresses the elemental questions of whilst civil struggle begun in Rome and whilst it ended. "Cycles" is worried with civil warfare as a recurrent phenomenon perpetually. "Aftermath" makes a speciality of makes an attempt to place civil warfare some time past, or, conversely, to assert the legacy of prior civil wars, for higher or worse. eventually, the part "Afterlife" presents perspectives of Rome's civil wars from extra far away views, from these present in Augustan lyric and elegy to these in a lot later post-classical literary responses. As an entire, the gathering sheds new mild at the ways that the Roman civil wars have been perceived, skilled, and represented throughout various media and historic classes.

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Working through the recognition rather than the erasure of the self within the other becomes the force that truly promises to end Rome’s civil war” (p. 231). An early glimpse of the insight that would reach political life only late in the empire’s history with its appreciation of 20 citizens of discord collegial rule? In any case, a forceful assertion of what poetry has to offer to a society whose history can be read as lubido dominandi over and over again. ” In addition to the historical problem exposed by Virgil (among others) that civil war is a dangerous topic in a world spawned by civil war, there is also the generic problem that martial matters belong to epic.

Civis (“Discord always hostile to the pious citizen”) is unnecessary. 6. See the classic discussion in Norden 1915: 10–33. 7. Cf. Skutsch 1985: 393–94. 8. Cf. esp. A. 335–40. 9. Noted in Grilli 1985. 10. See Hardie 1993a and 1993b, esp. 3–11 and 19–26, for the application of the anthropological models of Girard 1977 to Roman literary representations of civil-war-like violence. 11. See Skutsch 1985: 394–95 and ad Ann. 225; cf. Lucr. 1305 discordia is war), Ov. Met. 9, Man. 142. 12. A connection already implicitly present in the Eclogues, where the effects of Discord on Meliboeus’ world are reflected in sublimated form in Tityrus’ expansive adynata, the rhetorical “impossibilities” of a topsy-turvy world (Ecl.

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