Ciba Foundation Symposium - Pyrogens and Fever by London, 1970. Wolstenholme, G. E. W. ; Birch, Joan, ;

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By London, 1970. Wolstenholme, G. E. W. ; Birch, Joan, ; Ciba Foundation. Symposium on Pyrogens and Fever

Chapter 1 a few Physiological and scientific facets of Pyrogens (pages 5–21): ok. E. Cooper
Chapter 2 creation, Chemistry and homes of Bacterial Pyrogens and Endotoxins (pages 23–47): Elizabeth Work
Chapter three the numerous Immunological positive factors of Bacterial Endotoxins (pages 49–57): Maurice Landy
Chapter four Purification of an Endogenous Pyrogen, with an Appendix on Assay tools (pages 59–79): P. A. Murphy, P.J. Chesney and W. B. Wood
Chapter five function of Leucocytes in Fever (pages 81–100): Elisha Atkins and Phyllis T. Bodel
Chapter 6 Mechanism of motion of Pyrogenic and Antipyretic Steroids in vitro (pages 101–113): Philip ok. Bondy and Phyllis T. Bodel
Chapter 7 at the Mechanism of motion of Pyrogens (pages 115–129): W. Feldberg
Chapter eight Hypothalamic Mechanisms of Pyrogen motion within the Cat and Monkey (pages 131–153): R. D. Myers
Chapter nine Relevance of Experimental Observations to Pyrexia in medical events (pages 155–174): W. I. Cranston, M. D. Rawlins, R. H. Luff and G. W. Duff
Chapter 10 The Mechanism of motion of Antipyretics (pages 175–191): M. D. Rawlins, C. Rosendorff and W. I. Cranston
Chapter eleven Pharmaceutical points of Pyrogens in health center and (pages 193–205): C. H. R. Palmer
Chapter 12 The limitation of Quantitation within the try for Pyrogens (pages 207–214): D. R. Bangham
Chapter 12 basic dialogue (pages 215–224):

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In E. coli a lipoprotein has been found bound to diaminopimelic acid residues of the mucopeptide through lysine (Braun and Rehn, 1969). It is not known whether this lipoprotein occurs in the endotoxin complex; if it does, it might account for the “excretion” of endotoxin by lysine-limited cells. , 1966; Raynaud, Chermann and Digeon, 1969) that cells treated with sodium dodecylsulphate during and after harvesting will not yield up their endotoxin or lipopolysaccharideby the usual extraction procedures.

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