Ciba Foundation Symposium 206 - The Rising Trends in Asthma

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Bronchial asthma is a transforming into ailment during the constructed international. This quantity provides a serious evaluate of all of the attainable components for this emerging pattern and contains examine that has no longer but been released within the clinical literature. Discusses the fundamental biology of bronchial asthma and addresses genetic impacts. Surveys the epidemiological facts for the global traits in morbidity and mortality.


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Re connote the initiation of Th2-skewed immunity, but may instead simply reflect the contribution of na'ive T cells undergoing primary stimulation, which in humans (analogous to mice) has been shown to trigger a ALLERGEN RECOGNITION 7- 0 6- 0 41 OVA OverlaDpinaDeDtides v- 0 ai P f z 5- V 4- 0 3- a *I 1 5 yr olds Cord bloods 71 - 89 etc...... I a - V 0 Blood =Ord 5yrs FIG. 3. T cell epitope analysis of responses to egg (ovalbumin [OVA]) allergen. Overlapping 19mersspanning the ovalbumin molecule were pooled in groups oftwo or three as shown on the right, and added to cultures of T cells.

An integrated model of asthma The complexities of human asthma as an inflammatory disorder are only just being appreciated. We have passed through the eras of believing that the disease is purely one of smooth muscle, mast cells, eosinophils or T cells to a picture where all these and other cells are involved in a co-operative fashion. Figure 2 attempts to demonstrate this by showing a close interrelationship between those factors responsible for inflammatory events and those involved in repair.

There were similar findings with respect to the mRNA and protein product for interleukin (1L)-4 and IL-5 (Humbert et a1 1996b). This raised the possibility that in intrinsic and extrinsic asthma one is dealing with a final common pathway in terms of 30 DISCUSSION immunopathology, even though the initiation of these events may be quite distinct. So in a sense, we are ‘lumpers’rather than ‘splitters’ when it comes to classificationof these major variants of asthma. The question still remains, however, as to whether intrinsic asthma is an immunological process and if so what is the antigen involved.

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