Ciba Foundation Symposium 13 - Haemopoietic Stem Cells by Joseph Mendel Yoffey

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By Joseph Mendel Yoffey

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–3): J. F. Loutit
Chapter 2 Stem cellphone position of the Lymphocyte — Transitional mobile (LT) Compartment (pages 5–45): J. M. Yoffey
Chapter three makes an attempt at Morphological identity of the Haemopoietic Stem mobilephone in Primates and Rodents (pages 47–69): okay. A. Dicke, M.J. Van Noord, B. Maat, U. W. Schaefer and D. W. Van Bekkum
Chapter four The Radiation Chimera as an Experimental version for the examine of Haernopoietic Stem phone Populations (pages 71–103): D. Brynmor Thomas
Chapter five Precursor Cells to Erythroblasts and to Small Lymphocytes of the Bone Marrow (pages 105–129): Cornelius Rosse
Chapter 6 Kinetic and Haemopoietic homes of Lymphoid Cells within the Bone Marrow (pages 131–156): D. G. Osmond, S. C. Miller and Y. Yoshlda
Chapter 7 legislation of development and Differentiation in Haemopoietic Colonies turning out to be in Agar (pages 157–182): D. Metcalf and M. A. S. Moore
Chapter eight mobile conversation Early in Haemopoietic Differentiation (pages 183–204): E. A. Mcculloch, C. J. Gregory and J. E. Till
Chapter nine keep an eye on of Granulopoiesis (pages 205–223): Frederick Stohlman, Peter Quesenberry, Eero Niskanen, Alec Morley, William Tyler, Kevin Rickard, Michel Symann, Francis Monette and Donald Howard
Chapter 10 law of Thrombopoiesis (pages 225–241): David P. Shreiner and Jack Levin
Chapter eleven measurement and Proliferation of Stem mobile booths in Mice After melancholy of Erythropoiesis (pages 243–262): B. Kubanek, O. Bock, W. Heit, E. Bock and E. B. Harriss
Chapter 12 results of Anaemia on DNA?Synthesizing Cells in Peripheral Blood and Observations on Their starting place (pages 263–284): P. F. Harris
Chapter thirteen growing old, Haemopoietic Stem Cells and Immunity (pages 285–301): H. S. Micklem, D.A. Ogden and A. C. Payne
Chapter 14 Hyperplasia of Myeloid and Lymphoid Tissue (Pseudo?Leucosis) in Mice Bearing Passaged Sarcomas (pages 303–335): M. R. Bland, J. F. Loutit and Janet M. Sansom

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1964), using the erythropoietin response as their criterion (in mice), observed in the marrow a stem cell overshoot with the same kind of time relationship as the LT overshoot in guinea pigs (Harris 1956). The fact that these two overshoots coincide does not of course constitute proof that any of the LT cells are stem cells. However, there are additional lines of evidence favouring this interpretation. If the LT cells are stem cells, even in part, then marrow which contains them in increased numbers should protect very effectively against lethal irradiation.

Blood J. Hematol. , TYLER, W. , PROCELLINI, A,, HOWARD, D. , JR. (1968) Regulation of erythropoiesis. XXI. The effect of erythropoietin on the stem cell. Exp. Biol. Med. 127,770-716 LAJTHA, L. G. (1970) Stem cell kinetics. In Regulation of Hematopoiesis (Gordon, A. S . ), vol. I, pp. 1 1 1-131, Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York LAJTHA, L. G. & OLIVER, R. (1960) Studies on the kinetics of erythropoiesis: A model of the erythron. In Haeniopoiesis: Cell Production and its Regulation (Ciba Found. ), pp.

Biol. Med. 70,740-742 JONES, H. , JONES,J. J. & YOFFEY, J. M. (1967) Studies on hypoxia. VII. Changes in lymphocytes and transitional cells in the bone marrow during prolonged rebound. Br. J. Haematol. , BRYANT, B. J. & BOND,V. P. (1967) Origin and fate of bone marrow lymphoid cells of dog. In The Lymphocyte in Immunology and Haemopoiesis (Yoffey, J . ) pp. 149-159, Arnold, London, KNOSPE, W. , GREGORY, S. , HUSSEINI, S. , FRIED,W. & TROBAUGH, F. , JR. (1972) Origin and recovery of colony-forming units in locally curretted bone marrow of mice.

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