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Christ in You is a longtime inspirational vintage of lengthy status - iteration previous - distilled from a better size of realization and channeled through person who positioned own concerns apart in order that not anything could come among the message and the reader.

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Only as5 Jesus withdrew Himself from their midst, could He come again to all men in His omnipotence. I have shown you in our previous lessons that 1 John xvi. 5-7. 2 Matt. xvi. 21-23. 3 John xiv. 7-11. 4 John xiv. 16. 5 John xvi. 7. 33 34 CHRIST IN YOU spirit is our first and real foundation. It has many channels and modes of expression, but it is the one and only life. Man on the plane of sense has tried to explain with finite mind the infinite wisdom of God. Man has limited the holy one, has dared to speak of God as person.

Iii. 1; Prov. xxix. 18. 10 Rom. xv. 13. 9 Josh. 111. 5. 11 Luke v. 4. ELEVENTH LESSON SIN, SEPARATENESS TRUTH is the eternal Word. There is nothing new, for truth has had no beginning. As you unfold you have clearer vision and wider spheres of action. You cannot see new truth, that is impossible. Whenever you enter into the plane of spirit, prepare yourself by prayer and the consecration of your whole being to God. This is the only safeguard against false teachers. When there is a threefold cord it1 is not easily broken.

When the senses would indicate pain and disorder, remember your spiritual body, and call it into manifestation by the word8 of power. The9 body should manifest wholeness, or you are surely making God seem a failure. Later on, when your body functions only from the plane of spirit, its uses will be finer, its obedience immediate. The positive spiritual man will assert himself, refusing to recognize the suggestion of "the sense man, and will become ruler. Christ shall reign in you, and10 Satan will be under His feet.

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