Chemokines and Cancer (Contemporary Cancer Research) by Barrett Rollins

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By Barrett Rollins

Chemokines and melanoma synthesizes a state of the art realizing of the function that chemokines and their receptors play within the pathophysiology of malignancy. It examines the effect of chemokines on a large array of malignant cells, together with their results on such intrinsic homes as development and stream, in addition to exploring their impression at the host's reaction to a transforming into tumor. The authors additionally show the physiological effects of chemokine expression and recommend how chemokines can be utilized to control tumor development in vivo, together with their direct results on tumor development, on tumor destruction by means of host inflammatory cells, and on tumor angiogenesis. the one publication on hand that relates chemokines to melanoma, Chemokines and melanoma holds out the promise of novel healing methods to malignancy throughout the manipulation of chemokines and/or their receptors.

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Accordingly, in one mouse model, MCP-1 gene transfer augmented lung-colony formation (45). Moreover, tissue-derived MCP-1 was implicated in the homing of lymphoma cells at specific anatomic sites (95). MCP-1 induces a respiratory burst in human monocytes, though it is a weak stimulus compared to other agonists (37,99). Natural MCP-1 was reported to induce IL-1 and IL-6 but not TNF production (37). , unpublished data). Human MCP-1 induced monocyte cytostasis for a tumor line (99) or synergized with bacterial products (but not with interferon-a [IFN-a]) in the stimulation of mouse macrophage cytotoxicity (7,79).

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