Catalogue of Meteorites from South America by Rogelio Daniel Acevedo

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By Rogelio Daniel Acevedo

The first Catalogue of Meteorites from South the US comprises new specimens by no means formerly reported, whereas uncertain instances and pseudometeorites were intentionally omitted.

The falling of those gadgets is a random occasion, however the websites the place outdated meteorites are chanced on are typically centred in definite parts, e.g. within the deflation surfaces in Chile’s Atacama wasteland, because of favorable weather stipulations and ablation processes.

Our Catalogue presents uncomplicated details on every one specimen like its provenance and where the place it was once came upon (in geographic co-ordinates and with illustrative maps), its legitimate identify, its category sort (class, and if appropriate, weathering grade and surprise stage), if it was once visible falling or was once discovered unintentionally, its overall mass or weight, the establishment the place it truly is held, and an important bibliographic references approximately it.

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1973), Shima et al. (1974), Rambaldi et al. (1979). Fig. 23. Minas Gerais (a). 18° 300 S, 44° W. Minas Gerais. Stone, ordinary chondrite, (L6). Found in 1888, 1,224 g. Smithsonian Institution collections, Natural History Museum. Fig. 24. Minas Gerais (b). Unknown coordinates in Minas Gerais. Stone, ordinary chondrite, (H4), S3 W1/2. 1 (Classifier: R. Bartoschewitz and P. Appe). 6 g. Connolly et al. (2006). Morro do Rócio. 27° S, 51° W. Santa Catarina. Stone, ordinary chondrite, (H5). Found in 1928, 369 g.

Patos de Minas 1 (Corrego Areado). 18° 350 S, 46° 320 W. Minas Gerais. Iron, hexahedrite, (IIAB). Found in 1925, 32 kg were recovered. Smithsonian Institution collections. Patos de Minas 2 (Santa Fé). 18° 350 S, 46° 320 W. Minas Gerais. Iron, octahedrite (IAB complex). The highly unusual meteorite shows schreibersite and troilite inclusions in a chaotic disturbed lattice. Found in 2002, 198kg. Museu Nacional UFRJ, IGPP-UCLA (Los Ángeles). Scorzelli et al. (2003), Connolly et al. (2008), Pucheta and Cassino (2008).

Stone, ordinary chondrite, (L6). Collected in 1991, 118 g. Wlotzka (1994), Zucolotto and Antonello (2001). Fig. 34. Rio Negro. 26° 060 S, 49° 480 W. Bahía. Stone, ordinary chondrite, L4. Fall, 1934. 1,310 g. Smithsonian Institution collection, Natural History Museum. Fodor et al. (1977). Fig. 35. 4 Brazil 53 Fig. 34 Rio do Pires. br Fig. 35 Rio Negro. Credit: Unknown Fig. 36 Sanclerlândia. Credit: Museum of the Institute of Geosciences, University of Brasília Sanclerlândia. 16° 130 S, 50° 180 W.

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