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When this was angrily refused, Hercules went off to find the thief and then returned the goods. After a few days, the Endeavour crew got down to business. Cook selected a piece of open land at one end of the bay as an ideal spot to set up his instruments to measure the transit of Venus. On April 15, he went ashore with part of the crew to take possession of the site, which he named Point Venus, and 29 30 Captain james cook to set out the measurements for a fort. He had decided that the instruments and their users had to have protection from would-be thieves and invaders from another island.

According to a later account by Vancouver, as quoted by Richard Hough’s Captain James Cook, Cook was determined to be the man who ventured nearer to The Second Voyage, 1772–1775 the South Pole than any other had done. ” Before the Resolution lay an immense field of ice that stretched from one end of the horizon to the other. ” He had come as far as possible and was resolved to head back north. ” Cook was more convinced than ever that a southern continent, if it did exist, was beyond humanity’s reach.

He sailed about 1,500 miles south, found nothing, and decided to sail on. Cook’s instructions had said that, if no continent were discovered, he was to find and chart New Zealand, discovered in 1642 by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Tasman never went ashore and had been content to sail only partway along the west coast. No Europeans had been there since. New Zealand On October 7, after five weeks of sailing, the surgeon’s attendant, Nicholas Young, spotted land to the northwest. Banks and some others were convinced they had found the Terra Australis, but Cook found that the ship’s position was similar to that recorded by Tasman.

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