Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs by Yoseph Leib Ibn Mardachya

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By Yoseph Leib Ibn Mardachya

“In early 2001, I got here to Jerusalem,
just out of excessive school,
looking for an real spiritual tradition
for easy methods to smoke marijuana
rightly, helpfully, extra effectively
and extra meaningfully.

What i discovered also and instead
was a dwelling tradition, wrestling with the mystery
of easy methods to include the ecstatic; and the
mystery of the motives for it's repression,
along with loads of tremendous advice and bad truths in regards to the nature of faith, legislation, idealism and drugs.”

Cannabis Chassidis: the traditional and rising Torah of gear (A memoir) information the query and it's exploration: How may well it's that whatever as inherent to trendy existence as Marijuana, anything with a wealthy background of human utilization, has no culture in Torah, a assistance process that i used to be raised to appreciate as encompassing every thing sturdy that one may still be aware of? there are solutions for what's there within the culture, wealthy allusions to herbs and smokes utilized in diversified capacities, and the extra fascinating solutions and questions are approximately what there isn't within the culture, and why.

And alongside the best way, the spectrum of an adventure of dwelling mystical tradition is explored, and the romantic idealization and redemptive power of either Psychedelia and faith are touched and felt deeply, within the context of remarkable groups and people who have skilled the glories and the disasters of both.

Join Yoseph Leib on his travels and stories all through Jerusalem, big apple, and Rainbow state U.S.A, looking for counsel approximately how hashish and psychedelics have and feature now not been utilized in either historical and rising Hassidic traditions, and what the way in which we've regarding our wants for medicinal drugs, gods, and intoxicants can train us approximately how we relate to ourselves, our neighborhood, and our G-d. the fantastic challenge of ways what we will research can set us loose, in all types of the way.

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From all the desire that a virgin cannabis princess builds, from all the beauty it invokes in trying to charm the bees towards it. What fine honey that must be! --But alas, If it HAD TO be grown in a closet, it’s not really HOME-grown. One of the most frustrating norms in the world is the degree to which we can't be open about our actions and or ideas. This it the most heart breaking thing about many societies, and an easy way of determining whether the place or relationship you are in is good or not.

I heard later from a noted underground Jerusalem Kabbalist the idea that marijuana is only a fixing for Kayin (Cain) souls, those rooted in the universe of chaos, the folks that Robert Anton Wilson would call Neophiles. The passion for the new, the instability and ennui can benefit from the effect of cannabis. Souls from the universe of order, Hevel (Abel) souls do not benefit nessesarily from the shake up of Johny Blaze, usually tending to become uncomfortable, tired, paranoid, or otherwise disturbed when smoked out.

An old Kabbalistic tradition is brought down by R’ Nachman of Breslov, about the power of every kind of Grass/Herb. Each one has its’ own unique song, its’ own unique power to heal; and its own star, its own angel, telling it to grow. He elaborates: If you do something, and it works, consistantly, you might think that it’s because of that thing that you did that the success happened, and take for granted that it’s going to work that way forevever. The assumption that every time I push this social button, the function will be consistant: that’s idolatry.

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