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This paintings exhibits how Buddhism has been as deeply plagued by the United States as the US has been suffering from it. Buddhism is without doubt one of the world's oldest and so much widely-practiced faiths, yet in the US it has a comparatively brief background. This paintings explores how Asian immigrants have introduced Buddhism to the USA.

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As with Zen, the arts stress the need for a student to work closely with a master. B u d d h i s m i n A m e r i c a n C u lt u r e 57 Here today . . Working carefully and slowly, Tibetan monks here create a mandala made of sand. The intricate construction can take weeks to create, grain by grain, but when it is finished, it will be swept away to demonstrate the impermanence of all things. Buddhism in athletics has moved beyond traditional Asian sports and is finding its way into Western games.

Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums, published in 1958, follows the adventures of two young men interested in Buddhism as they travel across the West Coast. The book blends talk of the dharma with tales of sex and drugs. For many of the baby boomers who read it, The Dharma Bums offered them their first glimpse of Buddhist ideas, although in a form not found in any Asian monasteries. HAIKU BY BASHO Here are some examples of haiku by Basho, written more than 300 years ago. With dewdrops dripping, I wish somehow I could wash this perishing world Kerouac was also interested in haiku, and he changed the form slightly to create what he called American haiku pop.

Mainstream media sometimes seem to have trouble accepting the idea that European Americans or other non-Asians in the West would truly embrace a “foreign” religion. American Zen Centers Take Root World War II itself had an impact on Buddhism in America—one that did not fully develop until the 1950s and 1960s. The war brought many native-born Americans to Asia. Some of them explored Buddhism for the first time and studied in Asia after the war. Two important early convert Zen Buddhists, Philip Kapleau (b.

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