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Horse and Hound [UK] (1 October 2015)

Journal Description
The UK's best weekly equestrian magazine
Published by way of Time Inc (UK). per week Horse & Hound brings horse fans up to date with the most recent information and occasion stories and gives professional equestrian suggestion on matters together with education and horse care, the newest equine items and feed. The weekly gains tell and entertain inspiring readers to head out and trip to enhance their horsemanship in each self-discipline from eventing to teach leaping, dressage to exhibiting, polo and searching. it's also the needs to learn for an individual looking to buy or promote a horse.

Issue Description
Britain’s new superstar - Meet Joe Clee: the hero who led Brits to countries Cup ultimate podium
How the Dutch hold best horses — may well Britain do the same?
Past winners: the place are they now?
Richard Davison’s magic workout for corners
Ginny Elliot assesses Michael Jung’s Sam
GETTING THE aggressive aspect - healthy extra into your day — research from busy beginner winners, How embracing fit dwelling may well enhance your effects

Hélio Oiticica and Neville D'Almeida: Block-Experiments in Cosmococa: Program in Progres (One Work Series)

Hélio Oiticica (1937–1980) occupies a valuable place within the Latin American avant-garde of the postwar period. linked to the Rio de Janeiro-based neo-concretist circulation first and foremost of his profession, Oiticica moved from item creation to the construction of chromatically opulent and sensually engulfing large-scale installations or wearable clothing.

Best Hikes Near Colorado Springs

It’s now not essential to go back and forth faraway from domestic for a good hike. With those information-packed publications in hand, readers have every little thing they want for the journey they search, from a simple nature stroll to a multiday backpacking journey. each one hike comprises: situation, size, climbing time, point of trouble, and if canines can come alongside.

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