As the River Joins the Ocean: Reflections About J. by Giddu Narayan, Chandramouli Narsipur

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By Giddu Narayan, Chandramouli Narsipur

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In 1980 Krishnamurti visited Sri Lanka at the invitation of Dr. 40 Sri Lanka is mainly a nation of Theravada Buddhists, although there are large segments of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Krishnaji stayed at the government’s guest house in Sri Lanka for four weeks, gave talks at Colombo, and held group discussions. He also gave interviews. Many members of the KFI went to Sri Lanka. 41 We stayed in well-maintained rooms in a three-storied building near the Indian Ocean. There were many monks staying there and there was also a Hindu temple in the mission’s compound.

As the discussion went on, the monk reached a state of ananda [spiritual ecstasy] and tears rolled down his cheeks. And as he bent in front of Krishnaji, his tears touched Krishnaji’s feet. He was grateful for the great experience. The monk said he owed it to Krishnamurti. He added that the experience was due to Krishnaji’s grace, presence and blessing and he was not sure if he would have that state of bliss again. He would like to have it permanently as part of his being through Krishnamurti’s blessings and awaited an answer.

The danger was gone and the tiger had passed. As he walked back, he felt the forest still again. As he looked up, he saw langur monkeys on the tops of trees watching him intently, probably to see what kind of man he was. 50 One was Palghat Mani Iyer. He was considered the greatest mridangam player of all time. ] He was drawn to Krishnamurti who had regard for him and was delighted by his drumming. Mani Iyer did not know English and so he read Tamil translations of Krishnamurti’s talks. Many were drawn to his style of drumming, and he spent half his time giving performances in different parts of India.

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