Ars Vercanus: Advanced Magickal Techniques by Vasilios Wennergren

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By Vasilios Wennergren

For so long as humanity has existed, there were these expert within the occult arts. Such people are able to reworking the self, perceiving the delicate point of life, and affecting truth through nonphysical ability. In each tradition, throughout each period, shamans, magi, mystics, and seers have subtle their arts. This has produced a wealthy and sundry choice of magickal thoughts and rituals. Ars Vercanus provides a entire process of center magickal ideas and theories distilled from an in-depth cross-cultural research of assorted magickal traditions. The theories of Vercanus Magick impart a deep realizing of ways magick really works. Vercanus recommendations sincerely delineate tools wherein magick could be successfully played. This sort of magick involves a profound transferring of realization, facilitating an better conception of truth. via this elevated cognizance the practitioner perceives the deeper elements of fact during which magick happens. The innovations of Vercanus Magick entail the getting to know of recognition and inner energies. This mastery induces a profound transformation within the magus. hence reworked, the magus is able to shaping truth at its inner most point.

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All things are directly connected at the etheric level via the Universal Etheric Field. This interconnectivity creates an environment in which the magus may perceive and affect subjects regardless of distance. Additionally, the etheric body of the magus is capable of traveling great distances in brief periods. As such, the magus may travel to and directly interact with distant subjects as if physically present. This further minimizes the significance of physical distance and location. Material Reality is Affected by Etheric Means via the Action of Etheric Convergence All material phenomena possess an etheric aspect beyond their apparent physical attributes.

Upon the exhale, contract the center as energy is drawn down the ventral channel. As the energy reaches the Center of Power, contract the center to its normal size and cultivate internal energy for future use. As the centers contract, shift the awareness back to material reality. Set the awareness within the etheric centers and become acutely aware of the moment at hand. Sigil of Perception EXPANDED P ERCEPTION Perceptio Expansa Expanded Perception entails shifting the awareness into the Universal Etheric Field.

As such, it is unlikely that the magus will gain the ability to levitate stones or disappear into thin air. These sorts of fanciful expectations are a product of folklore and do not accurately reflect magick in action. Action at the etheric level is capable of exerting a profound yet subtle effect upon material phenomena. The material manifestation of this action is at times immediate and miraculous. Typically however, the effect of etheric change is less grandiose but equally profound, manifesting as a complex series of events that are in accordance with the magickal goal, or a gradual conformity in the subject to the etheric change.

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