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Input the darkish international of survival horror. The lifeless stroll between us. This role-playing video game enables you to play in a global infested via the jogging useless. the most rulebook contains ideas for personality construction, wrestle and every thing else you must play in a global of survival horror. additionally specified are the a number of crusade settings so that you can customise the kind of ''deadworld'' you should discover.

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Nerves of Steel 3-point Mental Quality A character with this Quality is almost impossible to scare. Whether he is too dumb or too tough to be frightened is open to question, but he can keep his cool even in the face of unspeakable horror. Only the most bizarre and terrifying situations make an impression on a fearless character, and even then he has a good chance of not succumbing to panic. The character must make Fear Tests (see Getting Scared, p. 96) only when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and gains a +4 bonus to his roll even then.

In some cases, light damage from non-lethal attacks is subtracted from Endurance Points instead of Life Points. Formula: Add Constitution, Strength and Willpower together, multiply by three, and add 5 to the result. The formula is best written as ((Constitution + Strength + Willpower) x 3) + 5. The human range is 14 to 59. Speed This Attribute represents how fast a person can run at maximum speed. It only comes into play on the few occasions when running speed will be a consideration, such as when a character is chasing or being chased by somebody.

Even after being severely wounded, medical attention has a good chance of reviving them, scarred but alive. This Quality is bought in levels. Level 5 is the highest possible for human beings. Each level of Hard to Kill adds 3 Life Points to the character’s Pool. Additionally, each level adds a +1 bonus to Survival Tests (see Survival and Conciousness, p. 112). For obvious reasons, this is a very useful Quality for Survivors and the Inspired. Chapter Two 42 Honorable Lazy 1- to 3-point Mental Drawback The Honorable character follows a code of honor, and will not break it lightly, if at all.

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