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High Resolution Morphodynamics and Sedimentary Evolution of Estuaries (Coastal Systems and Continental Margins)

This e-book makes a speciality of using high-resolution geophysical ideas, box observations and modeling to enquire the morphodynamics of estuaries on either glaciated and non-glaciated coasts and on varied time scales. Papers during this booklet provide a brand new method of nearshore and estuary reports, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary innovations and information integration.

Layered Intrusions

This edited paintings includes the latest advances regarding the research of layered intrusions and cumulate rocks formation. the 1st a part of this booklet provides reports and new perspectives of approaches generating the textural, mineralogical and geochemical features of layered igneous rocks. the second one half summarizes development within the examine of chosen layered intrusions and their ore deposits from various components of the realm together with Canada, Southwest China, Greenland and South Africa.

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