Advances in shape memory polymers by Jinlian Hu

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By Jinlian Hu

Form reminiscence fabrics are immensely helpful as a result of their power to get well their unique shapes upon publicity to an exterior stimulus similar to warmth, moisture, mild or a magnetic box. This ebook experiences key fresh study match reminiscence polymers, their houses and purposes. subject matters comprise the connection among morphological constructions and form reminiscence houses; excessive functionality Tg and Tm variety form reminiscence polymers; buildings of form reminiscence polymers with supramolecular switches; and the thermally-active and moisture-active form reminiscence influence of supermolecular form reminiscence polymers.

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It was found that Tm, ∆Hm and Xc of the soft phase decrease with the increase of HSC and drop abruptly when HSC ≤ 40%. This is ascribed to the increasing limitation imposed on soft segments. The Tm and ∆Hm of the hard phase increase with the increase of HSC, indicating an increase of fraction of the hard phase. In the foregoing DSC tests, the segmented polyurethanes with HSC ≤ 20% clearly show no endotherm of hard phase. But the segmented polyurethane PCL4000-B-25 shows an indistinct endothermic behavior.

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