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By Quincy Wright

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Zeppelin nights: London in the First World War

A parent most sensible booklet of the yr 2014. 11pm, Tuesday August four, 1914: with the assertion of warfare, London turns into one of many maximum killing machines in human historical past. thousands of infantrymen go through the capital on their option to front; wounded males are introduced again to be taken care of in London’s hospitals; and hundreds of thousands of shells are produced in its factories.

Fall of Eagles: Airmen of World War One

The nice battle of 1914-1918 observed the quick improvement of the plane as a weapon of warfare. first and foremost its function used to be obvious as that of reconnaissance, an extension of the cavalry, yet because the conflict stagnated into static trench struggle, with both sides dealing with one another throughout No Man's Land, using artillery, either in shelling enemy positions and counter-shelling his artillery, additionally turned of top value.

Trench Warfare WWI (1) 1914-1916

Osprey's survey of trench battle strategies of global battle I (1914-1918). The standard armies which marched off to battle in 1914 have been composed of massed riflemen, screened by way of cavalry and supported through artillery; their leaders anticipated a brief and decisive final result, accomplished by means of sweeping manoeuvre, daring management and ability at fingers.

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One German response was to begin to fortify machine-guns in small concrete pillboxes. These began to appear in large numbers in the late summer of 1918. They made it more difficult and costly for the Renaults to overcome the machine-guns, since it was usually necessary for a gun-armed FT to approach close enough to fire directly into the gun slit. At such close ranges, the German machine-gunners were trained to fire at the vision slits on the Renault. The bullets would not penetrate the Renault’s thick frontal armour, but spall knocked off near the point of impact on the inside of the tank could injure or blind the crew.

Like other tanks of the groupe, it is painted in a particularly elaborate camouflage scheme. com The Renault FT was prone to becoming trapped during trench crossing, especially in soft, wet ground. This fate has befallen a char canon of the AEF’s Co. C, 327th Tank Battalion, during the St-Mihiel fighting in September 1918. (NARA) began to appreciate that a more satisfactory response would be the fielding of a counterpart to the Renault to act as a mobile, protected machine-gun nest. However, the German LK light tank was not ready for mass production in 1918.

By August over 2,000 had been delivered, and the pace of production was increasing. Two more regiments were formed in June, and one each in July and August. By September there were 21 French and two American FT battalions. The American battalions were supposed to be equipped with US-manufactured light tanks. These were not yet available, and so the French Army agreed to provide equipment for three light tank battalions. The initial commander of the US tank battalions was LtCol George S. Patton.

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