A Critical Edition of Yeats’s a Vision (1925) by George Mills Harper, Walter Kelly Hood (eds.)

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By George Mills Harper, Walter Kelly Hood (eds.)

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The following day, probably Yeats's last in Oxford for many months, the Control reiterated that he was 'not going to begin writing on the system till you are again settled'-that is, in Ireland. When Yeats asked an oblique question about the possible rein- xxxvi A Critical Edition of Yeats's A Vision (1925) carnation of the dead child of Anne Hyde through him and George (seep. xxiv above), he was informed that he would not be able to decide until 'the third stage' was reached and that he 'ought to tabulate the system as far as you have gone to make your mind fertile and critical'.

7 An earlier draft reads: ' ... since Descartes taught the living to assume theirs'. 8 See, for example, the note in 'Sweden borg, Mediums and the Desolate Places' in which Yeats names ten writers whose 'well-known books' on spiritualistic research he had read. He had also 'made considerable use' of four journals. 'I have myself', he concluded, 'been a somewhat active investigator' (VBWI 324). 9 I am indebted to the National Library of Ireland for permission to quote from Lady Lyttelton's unpublished 'Reminiscences of Yeats' (part of MS.

A couple of summers ago I walked some four miles from an old tower some twice a week to where an old friend [lived]. When conversation began to flag as it will with old friends who know each others thoughts [she] would take up the "Consuelo" of George Sand [or] its sequel & read out a Chapter. As she read you xlv Editorial Introduction came into my memory, as you were when I saw you nearly thirty years ago. , in 1922). While there, he reported to Olivia Shakespear, on 27 Jy 1922, that 'an old friend' had indeed been reading to him: 'Did you ever read George Sand's Consuelo and its sequel?

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