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Книга 6500 Woodworking tasks 6500 Woodworking ProjectsКниги Строительство Автор: Martian Auctions Год издания: 2004 Формат: pdf Издат.:Martian Auctions Страниц: 1118 Размер: 50,3 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Contains plans on construction numerous issues out of wood.As to climate it has 220 wooden operating plans and 6280 hyperlinks of plans additional tasks.

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Graft in new material. While building the figured oak magazine stand (chapter twelve), I got a poor fit on Copyright 2004 Martian Auctions A gap was visible on one side of the tusk tenon so a sliver has been grafted onto the tenon to fill it. the mortise for one of the eight tusk tenons. The gap was fairly noticeable, and I would have liked to have made a new shelf, but I had no more oak with that particular wavy grain. To hide the Me" gap, I ripped a thin sliver from a piece of scrap having grain and color similar to the tusk tenon that fit through the bad mortise.

3 Chisels, files and sandpaper are necessary to remove the grain box's vertical corners have been sanded flush, the four vertical panels are raised by cutting a 7/16” X 1/8" pass around all four sides. You can do this on either the table saw or on a tablemounted router by removing enough material to give the effect of raising the central portion of each of the vertical panels. Create a lid by cutting a saw kerf through the four walls of the box l7/8" from the top. After installing the hardware (see chapter twenty-seven), cut a shallow mortise around the strike plate, and fasten the 1/8" thick pull into place with glue and a few brads.

These lines mark the upper and lower limits of the through mortises. Then, mark the widths of these mortises and score their perimeters with a knife held against a straightedge. This wildly figured oak was perfect for this piece. Remember: Aggressive drilling and chisel work can result in chips breaking out around the perimeter of the mortise on the back side of the board. For this reason, use a backup board during drilling, and lay out the mortise on both sides of the board so you can alternate chisel work from one side to the other, working toward the middle.

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