1976 Seminary Transcripts: Hinayana - Mahayana by Trungpa, Rinpoche Chogyam

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By Trungpa, Rinpoche Chogyam

"transcript of talks given via Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the fourth Vajradhatu Seminary, a twelve-week interval of extensive meditation and learn, held at Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin September-November 1976"

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That's it. " In vajrayana language, we use the word "crazy" -crazy wisdom. Crazy is utterly overleaping any possible mental games. The whole thing is completely scooped out and thrown away. So there is simultaneously a sense of tremendous outsmarting. You might outsmart yourself once, but if you outsmart yourself a hundred times, there is no room left for anybody to play a trick on you anymore at all. The whole thing is completely scooped out, scooped in and transcended. The idea of taking refuge in the Buddha is to emulate all of those qualities, to actually become like him.

The emptyheartedness of egolessness takes place at the same time. So the whole thing goes together at that point. 30 Discipline Q: One more thing, what if you have sort of a natural dislike for discipline-you know, a kind of rebellious attitude? How would you deal with that? R: Well, I think that's an American problem rather than a buddhist problem. You are hassled by your parents, hassled by your school, and you have some idea of American democracy, whatever that may be. That is your' past shit, actually.

It is much easier for you to experience the discussions and the talks by sleeping on them rather than by talking to someone else. If you could do that, you could also rise earlier and be ready for the next discussion period, which makes you helpfuland it also feels good, and more perky. I'm planning actually to come along and wake you up, if you like. ] I'm delighted to do that. So please keep that in mind and please sit and practice if you can. Please put your effort into it. What we're doing is a very unusual and once-in-a-lifetime situation, literally.

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